Monday, 16 April 2012


Headache gone today thank goodness, wow I had forgotten how awful they can be.  So thanks to Janis for the pills & to Carolyn for the cup of tea.
I didnt take many photos, certianly none of the embroidery, as I had my contact lenses in and really could not see very well (maybe the cause of the headache? even though I had removed them hours before it arrived)
I dont know the names of the makers so forgive me if you are reading this, I will crop the images as well cause its not fair to post the complete pieces I feel.
This was the winning quilt, each part was a different technique, I think.  I am not 100% sure who made it, from a distance it looked very good but close up - well its not really for me , who had nothing on display to nitpick, but Ill just say I was not impressed & leave it at that

This is part of Stephanie Redferns quilt (see picture in post below) which came second.  Innovative & different, I just cant understand the judges, I never have and never will I suppose.  The inconsistancies of judging put me right off of entering, infact sometimes it makes my blood boil - rant rant
Rant over......................(sort of)
Back to the quilts
This one has also won an award, look what they have done with the certificates, they pinned them onto the quilts with small bulldog clips, terrible thing to do, I am still ranting I am afraid
Sorry about the image quality, I was using my phone and the lighting was not great, neither was the mega mega ceiling heater - more rant

This quilt was great, it was little pieces of knitting and then lots of embellishment & a really interesting shape.  Reminds me of my knitted bag that I made 3 years ago and is still going strong
There was a superb piece of crazy patchwork int he embroidery section, the light in there is dire for photographs & anyway I was not sure if we could photograph, maybe a google search will bring up some photos of it
Nope not found anything yet.

I love fuchsias, this was a lovely appliqued sampler style quilt

This one was unusual, these are stuffed little pockets that have been pieced, the black is the curtain behind, interesting

Mostly I went to see a local group called Facets, which has members who are previous students of mine.  They have a site, so I am not putting their work on here without permisson, this is a group of a photo taken of my friend, who also might not want me to post her on here
Their theme was Diamonds & excellent it was too.  Well done girls, some really lovely pieces & you made the very best of the space & resentation that the organisers had given to you (more ranting, I am afraid)

Off for a bit of exercise now, more images to come, later today or during the week
What do you think of judging?
Thanks for reading x

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