Sunday, 29 April 2012


Good morning from a wild wet and windy England.  Here is some eye candy from the Regional Day of the East Midlands area of the Embroiderers Guild.  All these images are part of the EG collection
Some are famous names and others lesser known, I have not put names on any of them

The collection (this is a tiny  part) is now on its way to Edinburgh

I had to take this & the other Swedish piece, given our connections now to this country.  I love corded work, called Boutis in France.  Interesting to see the connection between the South of France and Sweden! in stitch

Chinese childs shoes, so very tiny, were in a glass case, forgive the blurred image

A beautiful christening gown, hand made lace

The other Swedish design, 100 years old

This is a pepper it was quite big, I photographed it with the label, but I cant read it now.  Interesting marks and colour choices
I cant read this one either but I THINK it was Constance Howard.  It could have been done recently but was about 50 years old, so ahead of her time

Ah no this is Constance Howard, I think the other one is Rebecca Compton.  So cross with myself now for not making notes

Three Faces of Eve this was called

I loved this little sampler, reminds me of the cardboard cat, who ran out again this morning when I appeared after sitting on my husband for over half an hour.  I can stroke her when I feed her but thats it.  She does not like me

This is stunning

This is so balanced, I loved it

My wonderful country, I am so proud to be English (okay I have an Irish mother, not Northern Ireland, so I am not British, I am English)
Posted by PicasaThis was made by one of the pupils of the Caroline Chisholm school in Northampton (the one in England not Australia lol)
Very very good
I didnt photograph any of the cometition entries as it was really busy around those tables and when they all went to listen to the chairwomans nagging, I spent a lovely half hour talking to the guy who is moving the exhibition around the country.  He was telling me about the new Headquarters in Walton, so that was very interesting and I got to speak to some previous students and view the collection in peace.#I hope you have enjoyed seeing these images, thanks for reading x

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