Saturday, 28 April 2012


Today I spent a lovely time with my friends at The East Midlands regional day of the Embroiderers Guild, run by Daventry Branch
The afternoon speaker was JAMES HUNTING
Smitten with his work....have become a groupie
Wonderful work, very sensual using the male form, all images are the body of David Beckham
Cloth is all new linen that he changes with discharge paste
And the marks are just wonderful
I am so sorry that the images are poor quality, my phone camera, inside a hall on a black background, but he has images on his site

This piece had a profound effect on me, it made me want to cry, the yellow was very intense and I had a real reaction to it.  I told him this and he said that it has the same effect on him
Sorry about the image

These are a record to remind me of the quality of the work and the quality of his talk, highly recommended if you have a connection to your cloth.  All hand stitched, with sometimes the stitches removed, sometimes worked from the back and sometimes invisible stitches.

He has a love of the flat grey days over the sea at Brighton (Hove) where he lives
This influence shows in the horizon.  It is just so hard to explain with these poor images, the pieces were about half a metre long and all very narrow

Part of one of the images, showing the removal of colour and the quality of mark
What a privilege to have been to his talk
I will post some images of some of the embroideries contained in the EG collection, in the next post.
Please visit his site and enjoy the experience.  Contemporary embroidery toally of today x
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  1. Sounds like an amazing talk - his work is wonderful - wish I'd been there to hear/see it!

  2. Hi, A great write up .. My group are about to book him for a talk and I am even more inspired !!




Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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