Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Today whilst at work, I had a visitor, my tutor from the A level photography course, with her twin babies, a boy and a girl, it was so lovely to see her and the completely beautiful children
So this evening I have had a lovely time, going through my old photographs and thought maybe you might like to see some of them
Starting with the Russian dolls
I love this perspective
This is the same image but manipulated, this took quite a while to do but was fun, I love the way the coloured centre doll is just closer to the big important one and the other one looks a bit embarrassed!!
Cleaning up the background has made then look like they are floating
A different perspective, see how all the interest has been lost compared to the previous image.  This always fascinates me, balance and proportion
Finally for tonight as its sleepy time, here I was trying to capture the Easter Island statues (really!) Google them and see what I mean
These are all different dizes but I have placed them to look the same size, took a bit of working out and thank goodness for digital film or it would have taken a whole reel just to get this shot.  Notice the perspective of the shadows & the shapes.
How about this for a fabric design - fun eh?

I have just searched Pinterest to find one of my images posted there.  I really wish that permission had been sought before doing this.  Is it publicity or is it stealing?  What do you think?
Thanks for reading, have a go at photography from unusual angles

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  1. Go for the publicity .... it is easier on the blood pressure!!


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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