Sunday, 4 December 2011

Flying time

Wow, time has just flittered away, I have been trying to sort out my computers as my studio one just expired.  Nothing Nada, being a bit of a techie (?) I decided to cannibalise 4 computers.  I have had cables, drives, screws etc all over the place.  Its been a while since I built a computer and now I am making a monster a hybrid. Jumpers for supper, jumpers for breakfast lol
I now have a new computer that works and zips along quite nicely and then guess what I decided to just use my laptop, so the rest of the time was taken up with shifting the studio around changing sockets etc.  I dont know how this is going to work and maybe I will be going back to my usual running two puters at the same time, with 2 printers and using an external hard drive and usb to connect them
In between has been much family time and very enjoyable and some rather odd problems with my toes!!
Sewing has been on the back boiler whilst all this has been happening.  I will be back with some sort of stitchery creativity soon, thanks for reading x


  1. Oh wow, can build a computer!
    I could manage the canibalisation bit.......but that would be as far Id ever get....Im good at switching the pc on.........and now the lap top too........but thats where my skill ends.
    So all credit to you!!!

  2. I think computers have a built in obsolescent mode. You deserve kudos for recycling your numerous old computers into one. I wish you much success. On another note: I did manage to find some more leaves to print on felt with. You've just wet my whistle and I can't wait for spring to find more leaves to print with. It's going to be a long winter!


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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