Friday, 25 November 2011


HI, sorry been AfBWOL.  Its been very foggy here both outside and in my head.  I succumbed to the November chills and not wanting to impart tales of woe is me, skulked away from blogland.  But BACK NOW!
I have some fantastic slipper boots - so what you might says but I have ginormous feet and have never been able to find any that fit, these are fabullous and even better they are a pressie from Sally, thank you so much, my feet are so toasty. x

I am busy designing a quilt for my classes after Christmas.  Spring Flowers.  These are my blocks or a twist on traditional blocks.  I know that I dont blog my patchwork much, when the Christmas runner comes back from its temporary home at work then I shall show.  I need to finish off the table mats that are in various stages of constructions before the big day.
Those of you who have been Leafing along with me on the newsletter will appreciate this image.  It was taken by Ruth (thanks) after a heads up from Carolyn (great observation)  This is after the rain on the new stone pavement near where I work.  This is not a leaf it is an imprint left on the stone from when the leaf was there
This is the pavement, wow look at the fabulous patterns

Here is another one, I bet the council are a bit peeved at this but they do look so fabulous dont they.
Yesterday was glorious in the morning, so I walked to church.  In the distance I could hear the clinking of bottles being smashed in the refuse lorry and drilling and hammering, horses neighing and dogs barking.  I closed the church door and silence.
It was completely peaceful and beautiful with the watery November sun shafting through the side stainglass panes.  It was quiet, hey it was quiet.  I was at the altar and everything was quiet.  I am a sufferer of tinnitus, its never quiet in my head, but for a few fleeting moments, I was aware of nothing.  The power of the place, co-incidence or a whatever, it was a pure moment to cherish & I wanted to share it with you.  Normal droning & swishing has returned,my brain cells like to have a rave-up lol
I shall leaf it a bit (groan) with the newsletters as there have been quite a few in a short space of time, dont want to wear out your inboxes.  It is still very suprising that a few are not opened, especially as there has been alot of creative information recently.
I took some fab images yesterday which need to be uploaded, so check back soon for more of my drivel.  I am sooooo glad the fog has gone. Thanks for reading x

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  1. Just to let you I have opened your newsletters. I've been able to do some printing but the weather in our area has turned and leaves are no longer available. So I'm saving your newsletter instructions to use when vegetation returns in the spring. Still enjoying your posts.


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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