Monday, 5 December 2011


Dale has just informed me of the very sad news that Sarah Lawrence of Crafty Notions  in Newark England, died last Friday. I did not know Sarah very well but I know that she has a husband and children & I send my deep condolences to them.
My friend Carolyn & I had a wonderful day out a few years back at Sarahs open day, spending far too much money on such wonderful items.  I still use the knitted bag using the formers found deep in the warehouse. We certainly need to treasure our time as Sarah was not very old. She was extremely talented & appeared on Create & craft on TV, did lots of shows and had numerous articles in many publications. She was the inventor of WILD WOMEN, which she is wearing in the lovely picture below.  She will be very missed in our creative world. xx


  1. My condolences; it's been a rough autumn. My husband passed away 11/5; a month ago today.

  2. Sending my thoughts to her family and will light a candle....i might have met her at some of the shows i go too! I agree with Thistle its been a hard year :(


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