Saturday, 24 September 2011


WOW F1 in HD on uber TV in Singapore at night - totally fabulous.  So the sun was out, branches of the trees lay strewn all over the lawn and mad mower morris was at it again with the guitar, normal Saturday in the shires.
Todays walk produced a bag full of blackberries, many of which are in my stomach - yummy.  The secret lane that we walk is usually so private that the birds are the only company.  Not today, the other side of the lane, (tiny line just wide enough for a fat body like mine) is a field and 2 really loud women were there, I assumed that they were a-picking like us, well yes they were a-picking but picking up POOH.  Dont know if it was horse, sheep, cow, random other animal living in a field but it was certainly huge.  A trade was not offered!!
Along the way I picked up this beautiful fallen leaf
This shows the colours appearing now in Northamptonshire

I got really told off for picking these up, I hunted around for full ones as I fancied drawing them, 'what do you want them for?  NOOOOO put them back - ha - I hid them, arnt they beautiful such a lot of promise, we used to have a Horse Chestnut in our garden - it was called Learning Tree & had a face on it, drawn by nature into the bark, it died a few years back, but it is still there overgrown with ivy & bushes but still part of our lives.  In front of it now is a rather grand Acer, that looks like a silly stick for all of the winter and has the most glorious lime green leaves for the summer.  I wanted an Oak!

Before the pooh pickers spoilt my bliss, I was marching along singing at the top of my voice
For I am just a country boy (yep girl)
This Man has a wonderful voice
It is now early evening & very still outside, I am typing this by the light of my Ottlight only so that I can see the wonderful subtle colours in the sky, pinks, greys, blues and a shaft of pale orange.  Its days like these that make me truly grateful
More yummy threads arrived today King Tut & FS20.  I have emptyied my box of Lana threads & have placed all the wonderful buttons in the little compartments, they look so lovely, I have finished one of the pieces I am stitching, which has gone quite well and this evening as there is only rubbish on the TV, uber or dinky I am going to start another piece.  Sorry not to show.  I am just too happy to attempt a newsletter with grrrr mailchimp grrrr - maybe tomorrow

Thanks for reading my waffle, happy weekend to you x especially to the lovely lady who left me a comment on the last post, I am intregued as to where you live, I guess that it is really vibrant & exciting, its sleepy ville here but yes it is beautiful, just wish that the sea was just over the hill - never satisfied humans x

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