Monday, 26 September 2011


Deserted, peaceful & lovely in the Autumn sunshine
The earth is so dry along the way past the allotments
An opening in the hedge affords this stunning view, taken on the rule of thirds, a good picture for a landscape inspired textile.

In the pocket park they had to remove some of the trees, but they left the wood to rot and provide a good habitat for the wildlife

But what is this????  It is the pond, so very dangerous for anyone that does not know, look how the weeds or whatever they are called have taken over a beauty spot.  I have photographed this before in all its glory & posted on my blog.  Have a search

Blackberries from the secret lane in my tummy!!

The secret lane starts (or ends) in someones garden with this fabulous brick wall

So to the design part of the blog.  These images were taken on my Samsung phone which has many filters
This is the same photo as the one before, but now I have some surrealist texture effects with which to work and some discorded colours

This is the same photo in landscape format, see how changing the layout can alter the image dramatically, this now looks really spooky.  If I didnt feel so tired from teaching the first of the Design to Stitch masterclasses today then this would be good to play with.  No playing this week for me, working and visiting until the weekend, so I may not be a-blogging until then.  No luck with the newsletter either, weekend I PROMISE to sort it out
Try out the filters on your camera and try changing the format, print it out & stitch, let me know with a comment if you do
Thanks for reading X

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  1. there is always something special about a lane....its not like a public road or alley way


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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