Friday, 23 September 2011


The weather here in the Midlands has calmed down and on the Autumn Equinox it has been a beautiful day.  So all creative work in the studio stopped for an invigorating walk to the local pocket park.  Where to our huge disgust and surprise the pond was completely weeded over.  Really dangerous as the green weeds hid all the dangers.  Must get in touch with the keepers.
Along the hidden lane where I love to walk in total peace the blackberries were bobbing in the sunshine.  They are free from polution and tasted oh so lovely.  Think I might have to steal away tomorrow to get some more!
My new series of masterclasses called Design to Stitch starts on Monday & I have been putting some finishing touches to the samples by hand in the sunshine.  I just had to buy some new threads from Barnyarns but got a huge shock when I opened the parcel as they are huge cobs.  They are all burmilana which is 50% wool & 50% acrylic.  I have been using these these threads, usually now called Lana, for many years, actually getting a supply really cheap at a small haberdashery shop who didnt know how fab they are.
Two of 7 - :-)

Drool drool drool, look at these, I love buttons so much.  These are secret squirells & I have a big (BIG - HUGE) bag of various ones, these are gold & white mostly all different sizes, they are just beautiful and a big THANK YOU to who gave them to me (and the others)
Such an inspiring picture!

This book is just pure joy to read.  It is not a how to book, it is a story, a true one and the pictures are simply stunning

Wonderful, just look at this picture, its all I will show.  Would make a fabulous Christmas pressie or even an Autumn pressie. Google Sally Sparks
Here is a sneeky peek of a workshop piece for Dales Holey Moley club on veggies.

NEWSLETTER - I am having problems with Mailchimp, I shall try to do another newsletter this weekend & if I am still getting problems then I shall seek another provider.  This has to be the most daft system on the internet, more fool me for picking something that has chimp in it should be chump!!
Thanks for reading - wish I could get off 134 followers been like that for months, I really an considering a giveaway.....

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  1. It sounds so beautiful and peaceful where you live. I will visualize it when I am sitting in a traffic jam in my overcrowded stinky city. And I am a button hoarder too. I have jars and jars of buttons, from vintage to new and everything in between!


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