Monday, 19 September 2011


I am amazed at where the days go, not helped now by the arrival of uber TV in HD & 3D, wow or wow, I have resisted but resistance was futile and I am glad that I caved in whilst feeling under the weather.  The clarity is astonishing.  We did not win any Olympic tickets that I had saved and saved for so we shall watch it all on the TV.  I just hope that my eyes dont go square and am concerned that stitching may all have to be done by hand in front of it lol (only kidding stitching is in my soul)
I have been having a computer break & am very behind with my brain edges drawings as well.

I think a while ago I blogged that I thought that I had lost all my work with shape.  But whilst tidying up the studio storage room I found it all in a portfolio, all safe.  I  Had made a book based on circles, a shape that I love, it symbolises life and rebirth to me and this piece is using rings to print with

Here is the use of the soldering iron and the end of a pencil to print with and the lines are coloures staples, another love of mine for making marks as they work on fabric as well as paper.
Irridescent paint and a soldering iron tip to burn marks into watercolour paper withthe addition of burnt points, simple repetition but effective.

Finally using found objects to create circles and transparent paint, making interesting layers with repeat patterning with the little circles, made with a straw.

Recently I have been creating ideas for my series of Masterclasses due to start next week and making patchwork blocks for my patchwork classes.  Two very different areas of design and both very satisfying in their own way.
I shall try to blog a bit more regular now:-)
Thanks for reading x

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