Friday, 9 September 2011


As an artist who loves texture, I am so thrilled to have shot this picture, through the studio window.  The same window that captured the poppy field pictures a while back (sorry have not yet worked out how to link to a previous post - you would think that I would know as I have been blogging on this blog for 3 years now!!)  Wow 3 years.  I had another blog for quite a while before this one, which no longer exists to view, using my business name of Apatchshe.  I had to alter it as athough I thought it was a good name a-patch-she, it is so like the tribe and the computer platform, so this blog is just simply my name.  Naught flash!!
Back to the image, manipulated in Corel photopaint has produced this stunning image, resembles leaves.  Wich is the topic on creativebrainedges at the moment (I am not feeling particulary creative, I have to say, bit more edges at the moment)
Here is the moon as a quilt pattern, wham bullseye centre focus

Guess who has found theWO man in the moon, here she is, my very own moon creature LA LUNA

Here is the final creation, textured patchwork La Luna.  If I feel better tomorrow then I will print & stitch her, would make a nice little bag!!! hohoho
(no saucy comments please I can see it just as weell as you can!!)

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