Monday, 12 September 2011


I have been trying to find a particular photograph on my computer.  It has a face on it. Two hours and over three thousand (yep) pictures later, I still have not found it.  I know its there as it popped up on my screensaver.  I got hooked into organising faces.  I was so facinated with which family members Picasa thinks looks like each other.  If you have picasa give it a go.  I now have over a thousand images of people I dont know! Random people in the background on holiday!  People at weddings & gatherings, really quite funny. Then looking at the nearly one thousand images with my son on pulling his silly faces made me hoot with laughter.
Back to work tomorrow after a really odd summer, I dont really feel like I have been away with the exhibition & the charity days and clearing out Margarets fabrics and stuff - still a huge amount to sort.

I am the guest artist for Dales Holey Moley club on Veggie month.  Another reason why I was looking for images, this is what I was looking for
I shall have such fun working from this image of this cabbage on a market stall.  I wish I had taken more photos but I was being stared at by holiday makers and our friends were a bit embarassed, not so my long suffering husband who is used to me spending ages photographing some strange & wonderful event or thing.  I dont photograph people, good job or there would be thousands more images to plough through!
I have not forgotten about the newsletter, I am thinking about changing the provider as I really find MailChimp a real chump to operate!
Bedtime I think -- thanks for reading x

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  1. I used to have the problem of seeing a picture on my screen saver and then not being able to find it. You can set up screensaver to show the file name can't remember how I did it but now if I see a picture I like I can see where it is stored.


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