Tuesday, 23 August 2011


The initial idea to create a book came really fast & I thought that I would 'just' (ha) add all the pages, hmmm I should know me by now you'd think :-)
So much faffing and enjoyment is being had playing with the little pages
Here is the one from the last post, I think this is nearly there now & am debating about beads - what do you think?
Much has been added giving the layered effect, it actually had the word TINTERN across it, which is ghostly in real life, oh the wonders of layers

Other pages are in progress as well

This one is finished & has the start of my prose - it says Wander far away to ancient lands

I have used the door way above and an image of 3 doors with planks of wood & nails mostly & the green is a little fern growing out of the wall all on its own, strangely compelling

This is another double page spread, there are singles & doubles.
This one needs further work to link across the pages, I might add an arch or some planks - this will sit quietly until the idea strikes.  The copper does carry across it is hard to see, but there is copper , quite a bit on the black on the right hand side - the walls at night!
Look at the left hand side and you will see the image of the 3 doors, planks & nails

I have created the covers & they are busily drying for me & I am hmmm & ahhh about a shape for the front cover.  Really I just want to use texture.  I am trying to stay away from negative shapes & cut out lines as that is what Carolyn was playing with, however some lines and mark making will have to appear
If you click on the images, they should enlarge.
Remember this is all inspired by Stephanie Redfern - but is fast becoming mine x

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