Friday, 26 August 2011


The fabulous exhibition is in full swing today, even though it threw it down with the usual coming up to bank holiday rain, actually looked like a hose pipe had been turned on the mews at one stage, we had many people visit & it was lovely to see some old friends & students.
The local paper arrived to photograph some of us & one was pressganged into a solo performance.  Musch hilarity was had by all.  Cake arrived & was very naughtily (is that actually a word?) scoffed & we explored last nights TV & the fast approaching anniversary of the loss of our beloved Princess Diana

Back again tomorrow for another helping of being surrounded by outstanding pieces of Machine Embroidery, ooh they are  talented, this lot, I am so proud of them. x

Here is the beginning of the images
More to follow each day - pardon the quality, hoping for better pictures when its not so dark & dull

A trip to the local art shop was also in order & for those in the know ;-) I think I might have cracked the splashing!!!!!!

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