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There were lots of visitors, with really nice comments
Part of the craft element (Creative Machine Embroidery) requires experimenting with various processes. 
This image shows some of the experimental wire & metal pieces.  Believe it or not but the colour in these is achieved by thread, all the wire or metal had to be covered with stitch, students were then sent away to construct an inappropriate piece of metal texture. 
The results are fascinating & diverse. 
More on these tomorrow

One of the craft assignments is to make an accessory, all of this bag has been constructed with thread.  I must take a better image. 
This was a difficult construction creating a 'stiff' bag with a handle frame, only achieved because of this students exceptional skill with construction
The colours are glorious & I would love a bag like this.
To show how diverse my students are, this is a bag by a different student using recycling as her theme, these are jeans, heavily stitched.  A very useful bag for folders or even shopping. 
The edging of the applied stitched pieces was particulary good given the thickness of the fabric.
Here a clutch style evening bag has been constructed using the stitch patterns on a sewing machine.  This is not digitized but freeform manipulation of the stitches.  This bag also has a lovely lining.

Finally for todays 'bag fest' is this students hand bag featuring the use of a twin needle & these 'flowers' are completely stitched on rings, taking further a suggestion of an idea that I came up with.  This bag is based on the Design unit for colour & features the theme of flowers that ran through most of this students work.

I hope that you have enjoyed seeing some of these images. 
It would be lovely if you could leave a comment, I know that the learners would appreciate the feedback
They decided that they didnt want their names added to my blog, but I am sure that some of them would welcome commissions.
Back tomorrow with more x
Thank you for reading x


  1. Well done that the jeans bag! fabulous and definately Me lol What great results from your students, well done them all!

  2. That is seriously so awesome.


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