Sunday, 19 June 2011


I am having a bit of a do with my right eye!!!  A really silly excuse for not posting, but true, I thought that you might like to see some of the textile 'stuff' that I have been creating, along with the books for Follow My Heart, which are for members eyes only! lol

Along with Dale I have been experimenting.  Nope not telling what it is or how its made
but here is another one

A lot of work & time went into this, which I love, sometime soon we will let the secrets out, meanwhile here is another image

The backgound is the wonderful INKTENSE BLOCKS - fabulous blocks of watercolour, with the fantastic property of when they are dry they are permanent.  No other watercolour media has this magic. (as far as I know)
The pencils have been around for a while, but the blocks are something else.  I am having fun experimenting with them
Here is another image

This is based on Broome, Western Australia, remember all the goodies that I received from  there was a photograph also and this is my take on that
This is multi layered
Here is my process, be warned takes a good few hours to complete

1. Woven SARI SILK strips - purple, gold, green & fuchsia.
2.  Smashed into Turquoise felt
3.  Distressed with heat tool
4.  Stitched with Rayon variegated thread & disconstructed stitched patterns, densly all over
5.  Sprayed with white Gesso

Still more work to do, but has been shelved in favour of some hand stitching - but cant do it because of the silly eye!!!

Happy Fathers Day to all of you so fortunate to still have your wonderful Dads here so you can cuddle them & give them a kiss.  Love for a parent never fades & is especially strong on special days x to my dad x


  1. Okay whose keyhole were you peeping thu?
    take it easy!x

  2. Some stunning work here Shelagh...sorry to hear about your eye....hope it gets better soon x


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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