Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Hi. I received a phone call this morning telling me that the very kind and lovely lady who gifted the ACCUQUILT GO & GO BABY to the quilters of this area & myself, has passed away suddenly.
She was in her beloved garden, it was a really beautiful day so I thank God for that mercy for her.

As we stagger through our lives we rarely are touched by genuine kindness & thoughtfulness.  She was one of a rare breed & I shall remember her happy face when I lugged all the wonderous gifts up to her door.  Her excitement was infectous


  1. so sad..sorry but at least she seems to have had a full life.x

  2. Arh sorry to hear your sad news thought are with you.

  3. Oh Shelagh am so though to have gone so quickly maybe in one way, and as you say, outside in the sunshine.....almost blessed somehow. But still a shock to those that cared for her.
    I love the header you have, its fabulous, by far the very best yet!
    Did you resend the Wool TT by the way? Still havent got it but theres no rush mind you, Im still clarted up with gesso lol
    Love the poppy page! (No electricity pylon then? lol)


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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