Saturday, 11 June 2011


Good morning from a very sunny England.  The field is now a complete carpet of red, it is astonishing.
The colours in this picture would make a wonderful weaving for stitch, as the proportions are balanced & the colours are unusual
I shall paint a page & post it later!
And here it is!
I walked to the field, hoping to get there whilst the sun was shining, to no avail, it was windy, cloudy & felt really chill.  I climbed over a 5 bar gate & crawled around in the dense undergrowth to take these pictures

The field did not look so stunning close up as the poppies were quite scattered, they must have some sense to not grow too near to each other.  The heads were huge for field poppies & there were some variations in the colours, so I guess in the species.

This is part of the lane where I walk, I love the intregue of rounding the corner to see part of this

The village I live in has a church dating back to the 10th Century

Arriving at the poppy field, I love the hard austere form of the bars with the soft colourful fields beyond

Hiding in the undergrowth

This is all the corn that is left - this field is usually all oil seed rape, so it had a really strange mixture of plants

Just quite simply WOW, I am just so pleased with this shot especially as it was so overcast.  I left going until the golden hour, only to be thwarted by the clouds

Here is the painted book page with a real poppy picked from the field, the poppy is now safely under acrylic medium in my book

I decided that I could not be bothered / didnt have time to do anything radical with the colours except to band them into proportions, seemed like fun to put the green that started it all in the sky
So Here is the end of the Poppy field tale - perhaps taking a picture out of your window might inspire you to a small body of work?  I know that I shall cherish my images, especially when the field is full of frost & snow!

On to Pusseo now

Here is PUSSEO (aka Charlotte, lottie, cardboardcat, Smellycat, stinkypuss, fish?!, Oi - could a cat have more names lol)
sunning herself on the patio this morning.  She is so very odd, from here she went to sit on the wet lawn in the shade just plonk, she does make me laugh, sometimes she sits in a flower pot, I am sure that she is a bit mad, so suits us fine!
As it now evening, I had better go and feed her
Have a lovely weekend. x


  1. What a wonderful Poppyfield....I love that...!!
    It's fantastic ! The Poppies in my garden just flowering too.

    cheers, Janny
    the Netherlands.

  2. What an idyllic image (the first one)


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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