Friday, 10 June 2011


 This has been a bit of an odd week.  I am still feeling 'under the weather' so to speak, so very tired all the time.  Had a blood test this morning so maybe that will throw a light on what is up.  You know I could just eat an enormous cream cake filled with sugar sugar sugar - wow that would help the diabetes wouldnt it!  Maybe it might wake me up for a moment.

I am surrounded by altered books in various stages of dressing & have 'aquired' a few more bits & pieces including a couple of books & some more Sari ribbon from Dale including her new book on Sari ribbon which is just scrumptious, oh and more sprays.....  Elsewhere some stamps have arrived which were very good value, a little small but quite good detail - I expect they will make an appearance in Follow My Heart!!  My daughter bought me another Paperchase book & some more stickers, rubbing alcolhol (hmmm nice smell lol) some differnet gel mediums & a whole fistful of punches have also been squirreled into the studio.  Its so good that I have expanding walls.  I have re-written the laws of physics...!!!!
Taking of that did you see the information on the Voyager spacecrafts yesterday?  Its 33 years since they were launched - THIRTY THREE YEARS - I am still reeling at where did my life go.  I vividly remember watching the launch & being really interested in them.  Wow.
Yuk its started raining on is very dark & gloomy but we desparately need the rain as here in Northamptonshire we have been declared a drought region from today.  I suppose now it will rain for months as I have been to Tesco & bought lots of thin little tops as there was a half price offer.  Okay they will probably go all baggy on first wash, but it did cheer me up a bit.  I must confess to wandering around M & S as well with something that looked like coat hangers on my arm.
Its tea time now & I want to get a NEWSLETTER out this evening, so please check you spam boxes if it does not arrive.
- happy stitching x

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