Tuesday, 7 June 2011


One of the problems with being diabetic is what happens to your eyes.  Mine have been very naughty since I have been ill & are causing me problems, quite worrying.  Today I had to have my annual retinal screening where drops are put inyour eyes to make the pupils go huge, very attractive like a huge puppy eyes, especially as mine are brown, but initially painful & lasting bluriness (is that a word?)  Feel quite silly sittting here with sunglasses on, not easy to type either lol
So today absolutely no creatively, except for the two classes that I taught, fabulous work, I was going to photograph and then promptly forgot, so sorry ladies, so sorry bloggers
Program on at the moment about Roy Lichtenstein
Very appropriate image this!!!!
Back tomorrow hopefully

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  1. oh hope you are feeling better soon..even if it means your beautiful brown eyes are smaller nowxxlynda


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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