Saturday, 4 June 2011


Ok time to let off steam

On monday  went online to see if I had 'won' any olympic tickets (I hadnt) then I noticed a withdrawal out of my account the dame time as my DH had put a cheque in.  I immediately phoned the bank, who put a stop on my account & told me to check again the next day (odd I thought) the next day I received a scruffy letter saying they had put a cheque wrongly into my account & then decided to just remove the money (this I have been told is illegal without informing me first)
All this week I have had bouncing emails from Amazon who wont pay for my goods, very odd I thought as I had another letter saying my account was now ok
Then today at work my card was declined.  So b...... embarrassing, I was livid
SO I have just sent a really snotty email to the bank, lets see what they do about it

On another moan tack remember the mad train ride when we could not get off, have had a really lovely letter from network rail asking us to send the tickets off to them for a 'goodwill gesture'

Actually had a lovely day with 4 really nice people finishing off the SNOWY LINEN LAND quilt at Poppy Patch & getting my new ACCUQUILT GO die - Ricky Tims applique die, ohhh its fab, so I should be using it, instead of whinging on to you on here!!!!
Jesters - I am no artist - my daughter is - I am just a designer

Oh for goodness sake now I cant post pictures or even make the text larger - blogger breakdown.......Shelagh scream ahhhhhhhhh

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