Friday, 3 June 2011


As promised the bright lime green field two days ago has now turned into a sea of red
I have not photographed the altered page now it has the poppies on yet - as the book is drying another page of experimentation. Back later
Here it is
I added small red dots the day I noticed the poppies, they needed a while to dry as the picture was covered with acrylic medium & varnish making it shiny.  I used Pitt pens for the dots.
I drew the Poppy with An Indian ink black pitt pen & whilst hunting for my Inktense pencils - to no avail, found my Sakura pens & one Inktense pencil, guess what colour Poppy Red - now thats amazing....and we won the lottery this week ten whole pounds, pays for next month only way!
I coloured the Poppy with 2 colours of Sakura & the Inktense wet.
On the right hand side from my window are bushes.
I drew the main stems on with the black indian ink, then grabbed a christmas tree stamp & stazon, green & black & stamped the foiliage on
I think this is finished now, not at all like the original plan of the lime green field in the late evening sun.  If I had not observed & recorded it, this piece would never have  been made - true serendipity
Hope you enjoyed seeing the process.
In my workshop Follow my Heart this is one of the kind of processes we will use, then translate the design into stitch.  If I do this one then I will show it.
Time to eat & sit in the sun


  1. Oh Shelagh this is wonderful but you have frightened me now as i cant draw or paint to save my life ;( x

  2. Hi Shelagh
    Thanks for visiting my blog allowing me to discover your wonderful work. I've become a follower of yours too. Thank you for your kind comments, I bump into Dale at some of the retreats and always find it difficult not spend money on her lovely colourful wares. I originate from England and still crave the perfume of the bluebell woods and the endless spring display of daffodils.

  3. Oh l am so jealous...casn't find at moment any red poppies round here although my son in Rutland has loads.....l want to dye with some!. Your image is beautifulxAlso l love your ussualxlynda


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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