Thursday, 2 June 2011


Hi from a hot & humid England - this resembles my brain today struggling to get a resonable thought - fish & chips helped though!

Registrations for FOLLOW MY HEART have now closed

Each student will be working on their own theme or following my heart into an English Country Garden.

Pusseo the cardboard box cat left some of her dinner, we usually bring it in, because of ants & other wee beasties, my DH has just shouted up the stairs look out the window & there as bold as brass was a hedgehog eating her food, dont know where she was, but it is very funny.  Noe should we perhaps put a little cardboard box out for the hedgehog eh?
A nice box arrived yesterday from Greatart maybe that will do :-)

Forgot to take a picture, this evening, of the field which is now full of bright red poppies - will try to do better tomorrow

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