Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Today the sun has shone most of the day, sitting at my desk a couple of hours ago, the sun was shining again on the scene from last night, but this time the sky was washed with a brighter blue, then I spied the lime green field, overnight it has sprouted bright red poppies, swathes of them
So the first thing I shall do with my design from last post is to add some red highlights

I worked some more this morning on the book page before going to work.  Rotten coughing night, got so fed up with it & the cramp from being inactive that I got up early
I dont know, sometimes I just despair of computers.
I wrote this 3 hours ago, then Picasa where I store my photos decided that it would re-install all the photos.  So I watched the Secret Millionaire - you know as you do - when the silly puter is enjoying itself being naughty
Hey ho
Back to the puter to post the new FOLLOW MY HEART WORKSHOP - you still have a day to enrol quick....
I digress, must get the promo in eh!! drives you mad I bet?
Well it had gobbled up all the photos from 25th May onwards, all of last nights.  I am going mad and madder & then really annoyed then upset.
Turn it off, turn it on, turn it off oh you know on and on, then I thought hum do a search well I found them....(oh joy!!) where 2011:05:30 - yep of course we all look for things under THAT don't we??????

So I am posting this picture, the one with the tiny poppies is drying, I cant face any more photo histrionics, I am off to bed - mumble mumble - hope I get some sleep tonight I am beginning to feel a bit like I am drunk huh that would be a treat no booze for me for 2 years now cause of the diabetes, I guess a sniff would keel me over - oh blow I am going to bed x  Cardboard cat (pusseo) has a bottomless stomach tonight, meat and meat and more meat miaow, perhaps she has a midnight tryst with Ginger cool or big puss & needs all her strength hoho she is not worried about a distended stomach & a girdle......mad woman...sleep zzzzzzzzz

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