Monday, 30 May 2011


Ah ha have at last found out why my photos dont appear - seems blogger does not like aol. 
I must remember to use Internet Explorer in future.
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Miserable old day here today, it has drizzled down all day, typical English Bank Holiday - I have been busy writing the last Tantalising Techniques workshop & the last but one of the Smashee workshops & one of my altered books is drying in front of me. (picture above)
I Shall now go to Internet Explorer to post some pictures...... Well that was eventful, computer crashed twice & in the meantime the sun has come out at 8.15pm, the fields opposite me have turned lime green & the sky is moody bluey grey, the sun is glinting on the foliage showing a myriad of greens, beautiful

This picture was taken through a double glazed (grubby) window & does not reflect the stunning colours, which have now gone.  I am so glad that I live in the Digital camera age.  I can now take this fabulous photo & print it out onto cloth or use it as a design.
Which is what I will do now & it can appear in FOLLOW MY HEART.  Back later to show you the background results
Here is the first draft, it needs to dry & is the underpainting using lots of tricks In reality it has a lot of texture, the first thing I shall do when it dries is add a sepia tint across it to knock back the green
If you areinterested in turning inspirations into design & stitch, with my help, then join FOLLOW MY HEART at
I have done a quick manipulation in my software & produced this
Ethereal landscape - wow, the first photo was unexpected after such a dismal day & now I have this wonderful image as a background for stitch


this texture can be achieved with layers & stitch

Off to have a rest now before a Decolorant day tomorrow, hopefully some things to post tomorrow x


  1. Wow some amazing results...loving the machine embroidery one.....and the one at the very has such wonderful colours and texture stunning.

  2. hope you are feeling this workx lynda


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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