Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Hi, June in England is still staggering along a bit like April.
Had a lovely lunch yesterday with a friend & again today with two friends, I feel very fortunate to have such good friends.  I received some beautiful orange roses which if the sun appears tomorrow I will photograph.  I also gleefully got a stack of embroidery transfers which contained one of 2 beautiful budgies.  We are still missing our budgie, its so very quiet here & although there is a wall hanging with birds on in place of the cage I still find myself looking and about to whistle.  I have never had a dog or a cat so I cant imagine how awful it must be to lose them.  Cardboard cat is keeping us on our toes.  Give her the food, eat a bit, sniff and walk away a bit.  Out I go with the fork and mash it around, stick it under her nose and she eats a bit more, its a funny game round and round the patio with the fork and a following and chasing cat, heehee.  She is hilarious.
The image above shows how dynamic cut work can be allowing texture to be built up into low relief (3D)
Many different processes were used to complete this piece.  Certainly alot of creative work is stopped just short of resolved.  My advice, cut off a bit, work into the rest more then you have 2 pieces of work, if all fails then cover it in white acrylic or Gesso, even black gesso, wait a few minutes, then take a baby wipe and scrub it off
SYNOPSIS = isnt this a fabulous word, a pattern in itself
Happy stitching x

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