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I am continuing my ramblings about it here

One of my diploma City & Guilds design portfolios was based on the Hammersmith weavings of the master Morris. I just fell in love with his mastery of design. In my work I am most interested in texture & line, but this body of work is concerned with shapes and pattern, How time changes influences and decisions
This is the piece that influenced my design work for over a year.  When I originally saw the image in a book I thought that the lily flower shape was a leaf and based the work on this shape.
I was very fortunate to visit the V & A & see this piece.  I stood in front of it and cried.  It is so beautiful, the colours, shapes and balance of design is just outstanding.  I was so absorbed by it & astonished to see the piece full size and realise it was a flower not a leaf.
The visit caused me to change direction with my design work.  I no longer design from designs, if you know what I mean?  How can you better a master?  His choice of colours?
I chose to take a really radical view, change the colours into modern almost pop art colours, bright greens and oranges, silk paper, the very early days of using a soldering iron.  So passe now but so exciting from the late Daphne Glicks influence.
Perhaps I should re-visit my theme?  Perhaps I should almalgamate my current texture work with the shapes and patterns from the original design work, maybe the new challenge of the BRAIN  EDGES will help unlock & marry up the two very distinct designers within me? Hmmmmm
Back to Morris....

This is Edward Burne-Jones drawing of Morris reading - what a hoot, wish my sketching was a 10th of this
Jane Burden by Rosetti
His outstanding contribution to design, printing, embroidery, tapestry, weaving, fables & father of May Morris embroiderer.
The influence of her father is apparent here.  I think that this is beautiful

William was the husband of Jane Burden, who was in love with Dante Rosetti, in fact they all lived together for some time - fascinating man to settle for a love triangle.  She was a muse of Rosetti & Morris - she must have been some woman to influence these two men!

This is the pretty boy Rosetti, you can see why Jane was so taken with him! I think he resembles
Leonardo Dicaprio in Romeo & Juliette, what do you think?

If you don't know anything about Morris, please look up info.

There is a room which is now a tea room designed by him in the V & A.  I have eaten there many times, it is wonderful
The wonderful panels
The ceiling & windows
The V & A is worth a visit just for this room

I hope you have enjoyed my ramble through the influences of William Morris in my life.  My sitting room curtains are designed by him.  I see influences everywhere in modern & vintage designs
Check back to here and the BRAIN BLOG to see what transpires!!!

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