Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Barmy weather

England has gone bonkers - yesterday the temperature was nearly 90 degrees F & this afternoon it is nearly 50 degrees F (OK maybe more but feels like that temperature)  Its dull, overcast & rainy & very cold
Last night all the windows were open and just a sheet on the bed, here I am sitting with a thick woolly on & a quilt over me, this afternoon at work we had the fire on!!

I am posting pictures of chairs by various artists over on the new challenge blog:
This is a joint venture between Dale Rollerson from www.thethreadstudio.com in Australia & yours truly

We are challenging each other 3 times a week to sketch etc & post what we are up to on the blog.  Join in and FOLLOW us, even join the challenge, no costs, no advice, comments would be great
See where our inspirations come from and take us - no doubt at some time into our first love of stitch
Newsletter TEN has been sent - please check your spam boxes just in case it has been sent there, some of you  are not opening the newsletters which is a shame as I do try to add some free creative inspiration to each one.
Here is one of the images the newsletter contains

To find out what it is and how to do it, please join the newsletter or open it!

The Poppy field is fast disappearing, I do hope that I get the privilege of viewing it again next year

Part three of six of FOLLOW MY HEART is due tomorrow, half way through already and the last SMASHEE is due on Friday, I shall miss my fabulous Smashee group - 8 months is a long time & some of the members have been with me for years from the creativechallengers days

I am yet to decide what I am offering next or when I shall repeat the workshop series, summer is a time for me to re-charge my creative batteries, oh how grand that sounds, last year was the start of the horrendous mouth problems & the summer before I had teeth problems, so wish me a good health summer this year, I hope it wont be too hot or humid, at the moment I just feel like veging out doing naught!!  I am sure that that will change
Back to being a sloth on the settee watching England cricket wrapped in my quilt - Is it really nearly July???? x

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  1. love the image of the keyboard! I too bathe in glorious sunshine and then today...all covered up and cold! That's an English Summer for you!hax lynda


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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