Saturday, 2 July 2011


Good morning from a bright & warm England
Last night Pusseo (aka cardboard box cat) was peering in the french windows, running away and running back and peering again, we thought this was very funny & unusual for her.  Eventually I went to see if she was still hungry, opened the back door & looked into her bowl & got a shock, tipped up in her bowl, completely in it was a baby Hedgehog.  I thought that it was dead, its was not moving and was wedged in the bowl.  My brave (hoho) husband carried it to the lawn, only to find another baby hedgehog!.  He tipped bowl hog out along with Pusseos food & the hog was OK.  They both continued to eat Pusseos food whilst she looked on disgusted!
So it was wash the bowl & provide her with more food, which she actually eat in the kitchen.

We bought a cat brush yesterday (remember this is not our cat) & ohhhh she loves it, her fur is so different now, she even lets me do it
Clean fur, I just love the way her tail curls over her feet

Here is one of the tiny hoggies

Always with an eye for texture, just look at these fabulous spines

When the hoggies had finished eating we watched them scampering around the edges of the garden, easily climbing up the logs that surround our lawn.  We have quite a few trees that my husband cuts down each year and he uses some of the branches to provide a wild habitat, the others go to a man up the street for his wood burner & the small ones get chipped and added to the soil below the trees. - re-cycling - talking of which - we are now on a water meter.  Well how to change life time habits.
PUT THE PLUG IN YOUR SHOWER, well if its over the bath that is, you will be amazed at how much water is used in a shower.  We are totally gobsmacked - nay astounded at what we have been wasting.
As its 'summer' here & there is a hosepipe ban, we are using any spare water, hohoho - no worries, buckets a plenty up and down the stairs.  One shower worth does a whole days watering for our baskets.  Ok I know it has soap in it but we don't use chemicals on our bodies & the flowers are glorious, lots of admiring remarks from visitors. I feel quite ashamed to think of all the water that I have used straight into the drains in my life.  I guess we wont 'buckets aplenty' in the winter!!  It remains to be seen if it is actually cheaper but we are enjoying a bit shinier halo at the moment.

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  1. What a hoot! You may find that theyve done you a favour, shes run to you for back up so Id say shes chosen her parents now! And allowing you to groom her is her way of letting you IN....!


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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