Sunday, 1 May 2011


Hi - Just to complete a not so good week my new laptop has gone kaput!  Most of this beautiful sunny morning was spent in PCWorld sorting it out & it is away for 2 days - TWO DAYS - good job I have another really old puter, I panicked & spent hours backing up files onto a memory stick & the C drive as they wanted my external drive (with all my photos on ) to back up the data from the laptop

I still keep wndering into the front room nattering at our budgie, in his space now is a desk with a printer on.  I think I shall dig about in the storage suitcase & find a wallhanging to hang there.  Oh maybe I will do my altered pages for FOLLOW MY HEART on birds - now thats a good idea, then I can display them where they used to live.

Just need my back to heal now & maybe I can do summat that isnt on the puter, bleary eyes at the TV or MOANING
Cant show any new piccies so here are some old ones
Ok so blogger wont play ball either - boy I feel really ratty!!!

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