Tuesday, 3 May 2011

60 UP

NOT ME!!!! My dear husband has arrived at this number.  Someone somewhere stole away 10 years of our lives - who was it?????  50 yes I can believe that but 60 gulp. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE. xxxx

Part of one of the stitched pages
Lots  of techniques

The new workshop course FOLLOW MY HEART consists of Alered book pages that are used as the basis for FABRIC PAGES - thes involve hand and / or machine stitching.  Using some NEW techniques that I have devised.  Registrations are open until 1st June & then it will become a closed group.  Special offer of 25% reduction is on until 10th May, so hurry to sign up & not miss out on the special price.
Besides sourcing a book to alter, I am aiming to get you to use the 'stuf' you ahave already accquired, assuming of course that you do have some 'stuff' paint, pencils, watercolour, glue, hand & machine threads, beads etc.
A great opportunity to make & stitch pages that could turn into items - sort off Tantalising Techniques meets the Smashees lol
Sign up at http://shelaghfolgate.bigcartel.com

I have pictures, but need to get my external drive back from PCWorld where my laptop has gone for repair.  All my pictures are stored on this - am slightly worried about this :-/

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  1. My husband hit that number last year..life is great! l have 2 years to go....! Happy birthday to your husbandxx the laptop is ok...it is a scary time when you have images on it ..been therexxxlynda


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