Sunday, 15 May 2011


Yesterday a wonderful parcel arrived from Dale at - this is Kimberley Dreaming, isnt it wonderful.  Fabulous colour pallette of Broome in Western Austrialia, whilst see is on holiday I am going to try & create something with all these yummy things
Thanks Dale - visit her blog & lots of information.
We are discovering DECOLORANT together.  She will be at the Brisbane show, if any of you can be there, please say hi for me.
I do hope that blogger has posted it, as I am having huge problems getting photos to load, if it does not then click on the blank space above this & the picture will appear.

In the same bag were 3 pieces of felt.  Kunin Rainbow classic felt made in USA & ECOSPUN polyester made from recycled post consumer plastic bottles.  This is the felt to seek out to use with heat tools
I am off to play........

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  1. I am glad you said to click on the blank spot - thosecolours are wonderful. I shall be seeing her in Brisbane, can't wait. Cheers.


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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