Wednesday, 11 May 2011

A TALE OF THREE KITTIES - whoosh four...

The cardboard cat (pusseo), bigpuss & ginger cool.  If you are out at night beware of the neighbourhood strays (sang Cliff Richard)  seen twice & never forgotten BIGPUSS, nearly three times the size of pusseo but totally scared of her.  Creepy creepy in a wide arc away from her, what a hoot, never seen a cat especially a HUGE moggy creep so slowly to avoid a little tiddler. (no pun intended lol) Then along comes ginger cool.  Oh my he is a cool cat, sprawled out on the neighbours drive half under a car & observing all the comings & goings of the cat clan - quick there goes jasper the night streak, heavens someone might see him whosh he has gone.  So pusseo climbs onto her bench turns her back on them all & snoozes away.  This all reminds me of being a dinner lady in an alternative life that seems eons away now.  The posturing of some of the toms & the scaredly sues, the cool clives & the dashing daves (I have one of those) seems we all derive from the neighbourhood strays........ I feel a song coming on.... or maybe a quilt - what do you think?
Normal service resumes when my beloved laptop appears from the techguys - tom & clive - heehee


  1. Looks like that gal has made her mark and established her boundaries........shes yours!

  2. Very pleased to find this site. Thanks for taking the time to share this.


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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