Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Photo fest if it works

Whoo hoo got it to work, stupid blogger, been driving me mad, along with my 6 month old lap top packing up, seems the hard drive broke!! what a complete nightmare putting everything back on again.  I go to click on something & its not there GRRRRRRR

Posted a random selection of stitch & design all around FOLLOW MY HEART - starting 1st June.

All sorts of techniques & ideas for paper & stitch

Colours, textures, 'yummy stuff'

This is the fabulous gift from Dale in Australia & www.thethreadstudio.com 
Kimberley Dreaming - grab yourself one of these, look at all the wondrous stuff
Threads, fabrics, embellishments
Oh I am truly lucky
I also have some turquoise felt
I only need the head space to be creative with it all

I shall FOLLOW MY HEART & try & create something lovely with such wonderful colours
How about joining me?
6 fortnightly lessons - work at your own pace - no hassles or deadlines
Download & print the instructions which include colour pictures & a step by step method

For your own personal use only -  cannot be used for teaching without my permission (Please)
Join the voluntary yahoo group to post pictures - chat with fellow members & contact with me
I will try to answer any queries within one day because of time zones
Dates of workshops are under the tab at the top of the blog
You can use my theme of ENGLISH COUNTRY GARDEN
or use a theme of your own choice
My aim to for you to use the stuff that you may already have or an alternative.
Will be fun trying substitutes

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  1. Yummy scrummy stuff..............hope laptop still under warranty?!


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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