Monday, 11 April 2011


Rant...rant...our town has a totally silly aspect to it.  Its lets do as many road possible.  6 weeks ago the road outside the shop where I work was dug up...6 the pavement outside the shop was also dug up, its complete chaos.  There is a cafe opposite the shop, he has to close lots of times, who wants to sit in a cafe with digers & noise outside...6 weeks, this is only one third of the street.  No money says the government, oh come here there is plenty of money to pay around 20 men to faff about for 6 weeks, it is still a hole with some concrete (a strip laid 4 weeks ago in a strange place)  Ok so it is funny, the astonished looks on anyone who tries to venture down the street,, called Market Street hahaha.  Until 2 weeks ago the main railway bridge was chaos as well oh and the market - which is now a skateboard park - called the restaurant sector hohoho - what a lot of wallies ( have not seen any women you know!!)
Ok rant over  Weather is still mild & lovely, it rained for a while & the air smelled so good.  My friend Fran remarked that this is England at its best, beautiful bright green foliage, wonderful flowers & the most beautiful skies.  I have been watching the white fluffy clouds go by on a slow moving conveyor belt whilst the birds slowly circle around.  The early evening sun is slanting through my trees with bubbles of white blossom hanging like fairy dollops, magical.
Oh just heard that my stickytigersupplies order is on its way with my melting pot.  Now I have a ton of things to trial out over the Easter break, yum yum yum, watch out Smashees, TT's & my City & Guilds - I only need a little bit of brain to arrive & whoosh lots of stuff to experiment with!

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