Sunday, 10 April 2011


Hi.  I have sent out the newsletter with no promos in it this time.  Mailchimp give me statistics on openings & not opening.  So if you have signed up for it, its called CREATIVE NEWS.  Some people have not opened it!
Another lovely sunny day here in springtime England.  The sky is an incredible colour.
I have been searching for a design book which I think I have left at a previous workplace, this upset me considerably for a couple of days, then this morning after the Grand Prix I watched a program on the British International rescue teams in Japan.  As you know my son is a firefighter & I can see him at some stage wanting to join this organisation.  The program bought home even more the terrible devastation of the Tsunami.  I felt so stupid wittering on about a design book & needed to get things in perspective.  Marvellous men & one woman, I salute you & the teams from other countries who also went to help.

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