Friday, 15 April 2011


Hi.  Summary of week .....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Ok thats very childish but true.
1.  Very lovely Auntie funeral which I could not go to because of work (I am freelance)
2.  Raging tooth ache, cant get  to dentist to get tooth pulled until next Tuesday! Will I have any hair left by then?
3.  Car insurance
4.  MOT - break rouble mega bucks
5.  Back windscreen exploded - yep exploded - caught on CCTV - boom - mega bucks
6.  New battery - under warranty - hooray
7.  Class cancelled - severe loss of income
8. Too many chocolate eggs in the shops & I cant have any

So a really weird week, working for minus nought.

However, today is Tantalising techniques number 2 - CAREFREE COTTON - posting soon.  You can still join in.  Go to
There are some fantastic pictures on the Yahoo Forums for both of my groups - THE SMASHEES & TANTALISING TECHNIQUES
I shall not be sending out a newsletter this weekend
I am going to try & do them monthly or you might get fed up with them
It is not working doing a series of design ideas as new people join & dont have the previous newsletter so I will make each one standalone.  Still need to sort out adding more pictures, but am slowly getting there.  You can join by signing up at the top left hand side of this blog.  Its FREE.
Coming soon - NEW WORKSHOPS & THE EASTER SALE (not Smashees or TT)
Check back often for information because it will be time coded!

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