Friday, 11 March 2011


By the water man!  Last week our water bill arrived 540 GBP, gulp.  At work we were talking about meters versus billed & one lovely lady said there are 3 in her house, a large ouse & her bill is 21 GBP per month - quick maths calculation, is a huge saving.  So onto the water site on the net where you can find out how many times you do 'everything' a month - what a shock lol  Our saving should be over 200 GBP
So at 8am  yep 8am a very nice man was met by the apparition that is me in nightgown, no makeup - you dont even want to imagine the picture.  I was horrified cause I thought it was the postie & he is used to a vague face peeking out of the door.  Fortunately my DH was in & I ran upstairs really quickly.
We now have resister plugs on the toilets, a spray head for the garden & a fabulous timer for the shower

Hee hee this is hilarious it has a rubber bung on the back & sticks to the tiles.  I think its a joke! All of this is FREE - what a funny start to a lovely sunny day

REMINDER - only a few days to go to get the FREE - SILKEN TALES - TANTALISING TECHNIQUE - all the details are HERE   Dont miss out!

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  1. Im paying so much less since I had a water meter should have done it years ago! get a water butt for summer too..........that helps with watering the greenery!


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