Wednesday, 9 March 2011

oh dear eight pounds fifty poorer

My fabulous purple MGF had a hissy fit on me and at  30 mins to start of class time would not start, it went click click click - I just sat in the car looking bewildered, stupid really, I started talking to the car, telling it off, after a few minutes I suddenly came to my senses & actually GOT OUT.  Then panic set in, ahhh what to do, oh next door run a private hire business, I will hire them, 5 cars they have, not one was there.  Ah ha my friend over the road she will take me (20 mins to  go by now)  No one in, grrrr, so I rang the shop, dont know what David could do 3 miles away, but I got a taxi number, oh yes thats what taxis are for!  10 mins to go taxi turns up and the very nice driver asked me if I would like him to jump start my car with his leads, ahhhhhh please just drive, I am going to be late - images of the rabbit disappearing down the hole started popping in my head, I was in really muddled mode now.
Well I got there just as the church clock chimed 7pm  all flustered and not at all ready and with my black leather coat on that I cant undo the buttons, I felt a real plonker.  Lovely evening though teaching drafting the 'drunkards path' unit with their beautiful fabulous hand dyed fabrics
Thanks ladies for a lovely evening x
No spends for me this week :-(
Image has nothing to do with any of this, I just love Tintern Abbey & also chocolate buttons, & after all the panic I am indulging in both
Night all x


  1. It's horrible to arrive flustered before having to teach.Do you feel better now..hope so.Chocolate helps!!

  2. Dang! And, just like that, the profits are chipped away.
    Glad you were able to get there and hope the car has been fixed.

  3. lolol you make me laugh ..... x


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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