Wednesday, 2 March 2011


What could this be?
Part of one of the Tantalising techniques?
Yep part of the freebie for joining before 15th March 2011
Dont miss out

I have remembered the name of the cat treats - Dreamies...sounds like a great name for a textile workshop!
Off to dye with my Machine Embroidery City & Guilds students this evening, should be fun, hopefully I wont get dye all around my nails like last week, blue dye does not look becoming when demonstrating hand stitching & it was a 'devil' to get off this time.  Could be because I had picked at the nails - yuk yuk eugh Shelagh - hey I have stupid habits like everyone else.  Now if I could just stop counting coat hangers, apples, washing grrrrrr, I will crack it yep I will - hmmm thats 1, 2 ..... I will drive myself mad(der) x

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