Saturday, 19 March 2011


Yep its a picture of me, haha looks funny with my copyright on it!
This is Charlotte, the cardboard box cat.
Seems that she has divorced the man next door, in favour of our patio cardboard box des res.
Each morning she is outside the back door waiting & will not come in, she sits on the door step & we try & try to get her to come in, even resorting to buying Dreamies...wrote about this before..still makes me hoot with laughter.  We now feed her full time, she loves Felix!
Well there has been a debate with 'those who have had cats before'  I am a 'cat virgin' & am learning on the hoof (ha!) - back to the debate - worming - who is doing it.  She has been our lodger since end of November.  Mr Next door is very evasive, so off to the shops did DH go yesterday for 'bob martins'  after being advised to wrap her up in a towel firmly & push a tablet down her throat we decided against such alarming treatment in favour of the food method.
My sides ache from laughing - DH did as it says on the packet, meowing lottie all around his legs looking so happy for her grub.  Hee hee her face - hoho- she gave him such a scathing look & ran away & sat on the bench looking so cross.  Oh her food looked like sick, yep sorry it did.
I opened the back door (she wont come in for food at all now so we have a little restaurant surrounded by pretty pots outside the french windows) - she ran up to me with a pleading look & I got the meows
So I added more meat to the dish & stirred it round like a pudding & covered it with dried food & mixed it up, apparently completely destroying the dose.  Well at least she eat most of it.
I suppose it will be the tablet down the throat - unless I can have some advice please - she still is not our cat.
But she is so lovely
You know the show 'Friends' & Phoebie singing 'smelly cat' well we have our very own smelly cat with a dirty face - you know sometimes I think that the keyboard likes playing tricks on my typing - if you could see the strange words it types grr - I would so love to give Lottie a bath! Ha, we dont even pick her up cause we dont want to frighten her.
Well Lottie report over - off to teach Sampler quilt making at Poppy Patch today
Beautiful spring day, white fluffy clouds & blue (yes blue blue blue) sky & no wind
I feel like taking the roof off the car ( but its going to rain later - not forecast but will if I have th soft top on!)
Happy weekend to you, hope you get to do what you want to do (stitch -yey!!)

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