Thursday, 17 March 2011


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Recovering a bit today from the awful weekend & feeling really crook for a couple of days.  Not a 100% but should hold up long enough to do the Embroiderers Guild workshop at Kettering this evening.
Textures of Lindisfarne. Mixed media workshop with fabulous wools to stitch with
TANTALISING TEXTURES starts on 1st April 2011 - sign up now at
Dont forget that you can still get ALL the SMASHEE workshops
Lollipop Lane, Hubble Bubble, Toran Toran, Phoenix, the next one for April is Daff-fold-dil & 3 more including any new SMASHEE BITES that might get thrown in FREE as well.
Sign up here.......There is a voluntary Yahoo group Forum with lots more information as well
ONE FEE for ALL 8 workshops
Sign up HERE

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  1. I just want to put my two cents into the workshops by Shelagh. You will learn so much, discover your own muse, and explore new horizons. Buy the Smashees, I did! Thanks, Shelagh for being such a great teacher.


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