Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Hi - Here in England the weather has gone all quiet, warm & sunny.  The birds are busy chasing each other & all the daffoldils are sunning themselves.  We have a round lawn which has daffs all round it, they all look into the centre of the lawn where there is a pot filled with pansies, who all look back at the daffs, it reminds me of a pop concert with the pansies the group & the daffs the groupies!!
I think that the sun has gone to my head!

I am having a quiet few days as well, dont like the term chilling but thats what I have been doing to recover from the dreaded lurgy of last week
I have used the Accuquilt Go to cut out a 4 piece wedding ring.  Not an easy piece of patchwork to piece but the result is very pleasing.  I have no idea why it had to be blue & white but it is!!
The first picture is it laid out & the second is the beginning of the quilting.  The pretty little white & blue fabric has flowers leaves & small circles on it.
I am going to use my new Bernina ditch quilting sole plate to quilt around the circles, I am planning rows or either straight stitch or twin needle
The fabrics are from my stash & are an eclectic mix of types.  The pieces stitched together really well. I decided not to split the rings as this is only 36 inches square & I thought it would look a bit of a mess at that size.  Is always important to consider what you are making in relationship to size of block
In my quiet day, I have designed 2 blocks.  Discussed a church banner that will be paraded in St Pauls Cathedral.  Printed out lettering onto pre-treated fabric.  Pieced a couple of blocks, packaged up a few parcels for the TT group, played with cardboard cat - not bad for a quiet day!  What have you been upto?  Please leave a comment.

Oh can someone tell me if they received the newsletter on Sunday & if it displayed ok?  Bear with me, this is a new venture, there will be a bit of design, stitch, ideas etc in each newsletter, which will arrive as I do them!  I will send out Sundays first newsletter again next Sunday to anyone new this week - its all FREE so please sign up -
Dont forget that Tantalising Techniques starts on 1st April 2011 Sign up now to be included in this brand new series of workshop techniques which includes design, stitch, manipulation, printing & much more - go to http://tantalisingtechniques.blogspot.com/ for all the details.
THE SMASHEES is still open for NEW RECUITS - you will receive ALL the previous workshops, can join the Forum & gain the additional information that it provides & continue to receive the coming April to July workshops
Coming soon will be a new set of one off workshops for sale.......
Off for museli now x


  1. Shelagh have had a great time at knuston making boxes. I have four samples that i am so pleased with including a chest of draws. I have lots of ideas. Pennys boxes were nice but i feel a few more embellishments would be better. I will work on it and adapt the ideas. I have booked March 2012 already to continue the work and that showes just how much i enjoyed it.

  2. Yes, newsletter arrived safely and have done activity......waiting for next step! I've been playing at/with dyes and dyeing and have some lovely pieces that I'll never be able to replicate - shame, but I do love random.Sounds like you never have a quiet day!


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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