Tuesday, 18 January 2011


 Hi, welcome back.  Here is the sheet from yesterday all scribbled with the 'slipper' texture

I have a huge flower PUNCH, any punch will do as I am using 80gsm ordinary computer paper, it punches really well

 This shows the reverse of the punch, a flower & the MASK left from the punched sheet.  My punch likes to gobble up the paper when I try to remove it, so getting this mask is unusual.  Hopefully your punch wont do this, because there is something we can do with the mask.  Please return for that lesson :-)
 I punched out 5 flowers, notice how the texture shows on the flowers, so all the silly scribbles that I did earlier have now provided a really nice effect.
I glued the flowers to another sheet of paper.  This base paper needs to be really thin, even finer than 80gsm is a big help when transferring
 I also produced another sheet using the green & burnt sienna crayons
 After colouring, I screwed it into a ball, quite a few times
 Then flattened it out, by hand.  This gives a broken leaf vein type of image.  Now it is all soft it wont go through a punch
 So I hand cut leaf shapes.  You could draw around a shape, but I have cut them freeform
 I drew some stalks freehand from the flowers to ground them.  Then glued the leaves on.  Make sure that they look like they are growing.  This is a very simple image.  More advanced images can be constructed in this way.
Here is the image transferred to a cream 60% synthetic & 40% cotton fabric.  It has small holes in it & could be used for cross stitch, hand embroidery, machine embroidery or quilting.  It would make a lovely picture or book cover
All the details of how to transfer are on 3CS click this link, there is a FREE pdf file.  Further instructions are available from my shop
or my ETSY shop
Back soon with more ideas

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