Thursday, 20 January 2011


HI.  I hope that the transfer products that you may have ordered are begining to arrive, if not then please have a look below

I want to draw your attention to this site.  This is a direct link to COLOURCRAFT LTD & their page with the TRANSFER PAINTS on.  This company have provided me, very kindly, with their product, which is excellent.
They ship worldwide
This is the direct link to the TRANSFER CRAYONS
and this is the link to the DISPERSE DYES

There is also a product called TRANSFIX, which enables the use of these products onto COTTON fabric.

I will be blogging about TRANSFIX in a post later in the month, so please check back

There will be further detailed posts on transferring soon.

The image is of CHARLOTTE the cat who lives in a cardboard box in our garden!!
Please read previous blogs about her
This is a lovely picture, such a little cutie
Back soon :-)

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