Sunday, 23 January 2011


English Oak - Micheal Kenna a fabulous photographer

Hi & a special welcome to my new followers & visitors.  I hope you are enjoying reading the previous posts.  It is 2 1/2 years since I started this blog, life in that time has had its ups and downs mainly due to health problems, but everyone suffers from those from time to time.  Creatively I had a period last year where my muse went on holiday, but mostly has been an up.  Over the last few weeks I have been very busy & it has been exciting to be part of the 3creativestudios for this current month.  This last  week has been manic & I hoped to post each day with the TRANSFER PRINTING instructions.  However after being absent without leave lol I am now back & will continue with the creative instuctions, including using the new transprint over the coming weeks.  Today has been a relaxing day with my family and away from the studio.  I am waiting to watch Larkrise to Candleford & doing a bit of surfing whilst waiting, after a dreadful nights wake, cant call being up 6 times and having a nightmare sleep.  I am looking forward to tomorrow with my level 3 city and guilds students creating manipulated stitched pieces, they are a very creative group & work so well together.
Hope I get some sleep tonight!

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  1. Aw you poor sleepless gal!
    Someone gave me some white chocolate powder to add to milk at bedtime and it works brilliantly!
    Now was it by Whitickers.... will have a look at the box, its very very tasty!
    Mind you I still wake up when the dogs decide they need a pee half way thru the night but I do manage to fall back to sleep straight after theyve been in out and in!
    I reckon you have so much buzzin about in your creative mind that your brains still ticking over, when it should be on sleep and recharge!
    Fingers crossed for you tonight!


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