Monday, 24 January 2011


 Hi.  Back at last with the next part of the TRANSFER CRAYON WORKSHOP
What you need:
Transfer crayons
A commercial stencil or cut your own.  Sometimes you can get these for free on card magazines
Thin computer paper 80gsm
Masking tape or sellotape

The stencil of the lizard has been cut from MYLAR.  You can do this with a SCALPEL or with a soldering iron
You must leave BRIDGES or the stencil will fall apart

Tape your stencil onto the paper (remember it will transfer in REVERSE) WITH MASKING OR SELLOTAPE.

The Lizard picture above shows the use of the crayons.  First the GREEN.  You pull the crayon from the stencil over the edge onto the paper
Look at the claws.
I coloured int he body to look like scales

 This picture I added the RAW SIENNA crayon & filled in the gaps left by the green
I coloured the eyes in RED
Here is the Lizard transferred onto polyester / cotton fabric.
How you do this is in the instructions on  Follow the links to the FREE workshop
When you have viewed the workshop there are 2 workshops for sale on
Soon there will be an advanced workshop, I have held this back to allow you to buy your crayons / paints / dyes & play with them
The next part of this workshop will be with using TRANSFER PAINTS
So come back soon to view that
By the way my workshops now include 2 PDF files one with all the photographs & one with just the words to save you ink when printing
Enjoy your stencilling
Dont forget you can purchase products from

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  1. looks fantastic Shelagh. very inspiring. until now I've only used transfer paint, but now I will finally use my crayons too. thank you for showing this.


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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