Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Hi all
I have a small request to ask you.  Could you put  LINK to my blog from your blog or website or could youtell someone else about my blog please?
It will be very interesting to see what might happen.  As we are one big creative community it would be nice to get a 'ball rolling' and see where it takes us.
Back tomorrow with more TRANSFER PRINTING details.  Hope your supplies are beginning to arrive now.  If you can find suppliers near you then please either email me or leave a comment & I will try to help


  1. yes I will if I have time to blog today....then off foe a hip replacement...home Tuesday, I hope.

  2. Hope everything goes really well for you xx

  3. Shelagh i have you linked already on my blog and i spread the word about the smashees and a couple of my friends did join Erin was one and i think maybe Doeteke. We were all telling people at our embroidery guild this past tuesday !! I am almost finished decembers just the backing to attach and i have started january's so much fun and so much to learn it's a great workshop !!

  4. Hi Shelagh,
    I really like the manipulated photo of the willow! I must play around with my phone and see what it can do.

    I have posted a link to your blog on mine, which is , along with a few photos of my work for the Smashees.


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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