Saturday, 13 November 2010


Ok a cheerful little (big) soul I am normally !!!!  But today grrrr.  The main route into town for me is just 2 miles.  For some unfathomable reason the road has been closed for the whole of the weekend.  This involves me making a 10 mile detour, 10 miles there & 10 miles back, more petrol, more time.  Shall I send the council a bill for the extra cost?  When arriving in town, have an argument with a nosey mouthy woman.  Great start !  Spend 3 lovely hours with a group of delightful ladies Machine Quilting.  They all completed a cushion panel.  Idea for any of you who want to learn how to machine quilt, freeform.  Buy pre-printed panels, sandwich with wadding, use lots of different ones, then add a backing of some unloved fat quarter that's been kicking around for years.  Select a lovely thread, not a horrid one, a nice thread with a nice colour.  Blitz the panel with freeform stitching.  Practice for you.  A piece of work to make into a simple cushion or bag, to give away as a gift, maybe for Christmas, or make into table mats or garden mats.  Practice & gifts.  The BEST way to get better.  No point in stitching on plain material, you will hate it & probably bin it, so I want to know if any of you do this.
Back to the moaning = not many pictures as blogger is now a real pest, have to upload them all at once, then its hell to sort them into order.  Unless someone can tell me how to do it please?
Whoops back to moan mode.  Tesco.....garage.....Saturday...lunchtime....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Spend all the money just earned from teaching and only got half a tank full.  The machine now says maximum fill is £99, ninety nine much are they expecting petrol to rise to eh.
Get home eventually after being cut up by a huge bus, which got the horn, how silly of me as if he even heard it or was 'bovered'
Missy cat is here & cant stop miaowing. she sees Charlotte outside eating yummy meat & she gets dried stuff & the vet says she is getting fat, looks very thin to me.  She has gone to sleep now as I wont give her any other food than I am told to (see Dan I am being good :-)
Whats your day been like?
Gonna put the heating on, get warm try to wake up & maybe get to stitch something.... back soon with picccys...yep promise x


  1. Mine got off to a rude start!!! Woken up by night staff at work to go for a emergency operation!!! at 655am. All sorted, about to leave work at 0830 when a member of staff shouts Rachel can you help, not sure what I am doing with this equipment!!!, all sorted left work 90minutes late. Had a great day at woburn at the craft fair and then off to see all the animals. Those monkeys are very naughty!!! Quiet night stitching I think is in order

  2. 99 quid (don't have sterling key)...I didn't know cars took that much! Shelagh, I'm grumpy today too. Tired,bored and fractious, can't seem to get out of the rut. I think its because I do not have a market to do, my farmers market has moved indoors for the winter and does not have room for non food booths. Think I will sit and have a nice least I will accomplish something....J

  3. Well Im sat shivering despite wearing a chunky woollyjumper with the heating on! My temp is up n down and Im full of sniffles and feel rough........its the cold getting to my bones I to find some wolly socks!
    Roads diverted and cranky drivers........and no sign of snow yet?
    It will likely get worse lolol
    Oh Joy!


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